Gold Bronzing of Packaging Components

Gold Bronzing

Gold bronzing is used primarily for labels on luxury products like cigars and cosmetics. The shimmering embossed surface encapsulates a sophisticated legacy for any product. We work closely with our customers, designing and creating custom labels and cartons that elevate the product to the highest degree of aesthetic appeal.

The process uses a thin film of bronzing powder that is applied to a coated sheet of 60# to 100# lithographic paper up to 40" wide and 28" long.

Gold bronzing can be applied to almost any other substrate up to .014pt in caliper.

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Gold Bronzing of Packaging Components Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Gold bronzing
In-House Design
Overall Dimensions
Material Thickness: 60# Litho to 100# Litho
Length: 28" Max.
Width: 40" Max.
Tightest Tolerance ±.125"
Material Used 60# Litho
Volume Varies Per Job
Delivery Time 4 to 6 Weeks
Delivery Location FOB NuPak
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Gold Bronzing

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